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Multiple Teams · Boys Basketball Championship Information

Boys Basketball CHSL Championship

Sunday, February 26, 2017, U of D Mercy Calihan Hall

C-D Division 1:00 PM



TICKETS: Tickets are on sale now through the athletic office. I would strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance due to the long lines and waiting. Tickets are $6 and can be purchased now until Sunday at 10am. We only have a limited supply of 250. These tickets will go fast.

STUDENT FAN BUS: There will be a fan bus for students attending the game. The bus will leave at 11:30am from Gabriel Richard Catholic. The cost will be $10, which includes your ticket, bus (to and from) and pizza.


SEATING AND BENCH ASSIGNMENTS: Again this year, Calihan Hall will be divided down the center court for all games.  Lutheran North (Home) will have far bench, bleachers behind bench and across from bench at far end.  Enter the arena straight down the hall from the box office.  Gabriel Richard Catholic (Away) will have end nearest the box office, enter the arena to the right of the box office. Because there is limited floor seating – all schools must use their personnel to empty the bleachers in their end.  School personnel must monitor who enters their seating area because at the end of your game  – these same personnel must get people to leave! Spectators admitted to your cheering section are your responsibility. 

PARKING: There is a charge for Parking at Calihan Hall. Enter parking lot off McNichols.  Encourage Car Pooling and Busses.  Busses may not park in the VIP Reserved lot at UDM.  At all games busses should park far enough away in lot to permit other cars the “closer spots” Teams or fans should be unloaded near the main building entrance near Fairfield.

KEEP FANS FROM GOING ONTO THE PLAYING FLOOR.  Absolutely no fans may enter the playing area.



TELL STUDENTS AND PARENTS SEATING AREA.  Each school’s administrators are to enforce the seating area limitations and should serve as ushers to direct their fans to their seating area when they arrive.  Consider checking student I.D.’s if unsure.  Entrances and exits must be monitored at all times including half time re-entry and post game exit (and lobby and building exit area). 


NO BANDS – OR- NOISE MAKERS ALLOWED:No musical instruments, pre game music, or artificial noise makers are permitted by National Federation Rules.  Only League approved entertainment, Pre-game and half-time, permitted.  Requests for attendance by school pep bands must be approved by the Catholic League office at least 24 hours prior to scheduled contest.  Without advance approval, pep bands are not allowed. All national anthems shall follow the Lord’s Prayer and be instrumental with an announcement encouraging the crowd to join in the singing. 


AWARDSThe Gabriel Richard Catholic JV Team won the League Title this year. They will be honored during the half-time of our Game (Around 1:30pm). They must wear a white shirt and tie with school dress pants. They may change after accepting their awards. Varsity Team will receive their award at the conclusion of the game. All Catholic, All League and All Academic will receive their awards at the half time of the A/B Championship. Varsity players must be dressed in White shirts, tie, school pants and the basketball shooting top.



Our expectations as schools and as an association of schools are higher than most.  Be sure and stress sportsmanship and emphasis on behavior with your students parents, and players.

Follow proper protocol with regard to introductions of players, pre game greeting, etc.

We must make every effort to show that this is Educational Athletics. Lets not let the intensity of the moment over take any of us.

This includes cleaning your bench area after your game.