Pioneers News · 2019 Hockey Semi-Finals Information

11 a.m. – Riverview Gabriel Richard (home) vs. Houghton

1:30 p.m.- Detroit Country Day (home) vs. East Grand Rapids


TICKETS –  Semifinals – Semifinal games will be 2 games, 1 ticket. The arena will be cleared after each 2-game Semifinal session.  General admission tickets at $10 each may be purchased at the site and are good for both games of the session.  Tickets will be sold at the gate at USA Hockey Arena for all divisions. The ticket office will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Finals The Final games will be 1 game, 1 ticket.  General admission tickets at $10 each may be purchased at the site.  The arena will be cleared after each Championship game.

Online TicketsTickets will be sold on the MHSAA website for the MHSAA hockey semifinals and finals.

Online tickets may be purchased at

All-Session Tickets – All-Session tickets will be sold on Thursday and Friday for $40 each.  Ticket will permit admission to all Semi and Final games. This ticket will allow a spectator to attend all games. 

Entering/Exiting Arena – Once a spectator has entered the arena if they choose to leave they must purchase a ticket to re-enter.  There are no exit/re-enter privileges.  There are no smoking areas at USA Hockey Arena.  Please notify spectators and parents.  If a spectator chooses to leave, then they will have to purchase a ticket to reenter.

 SPECTATOR REGULATIONS & EXPECTATIONS – Each student section and adult spectator seating area will be determined in advance and assigned by the MHSAA.  School crowd control chaperones are asked to cooperate with the MHSAA supervisory personnel regarding assigned seating areas.  The first row of student section seating areas will be roped off and kept vacant.

  1. Standing at the boards and pounding on the glass is unacceptable behavior and not allowed.
  2. Throwing anything on the ice will result in immediate removal from the arena.
  3. Standing on seats at any time will not be permitted.
  4. Spectators are not allowed on the playing surface before or after the game.
  5. Hand held signs on sticks or flags will not be permitted.
  6. Whistles, air horns and cowbells or noisemakers of any kind are prohibited.
  7. Shirts are required at all indoor MHSAA tournament venues; body paint is not allowed.
  8. There is no smoking allowed inside or outside of USA Hockey Arena.


SPECIAL NOTE – Any spectator, adult or student that throws any object on the ice will be immediately ejected.  The MHSAA and USA Hockey Arena reserve the right to check spectators for foreign objects prior to entrance and to refuse entrance to spectators with such objects.

TAILGATING PROHIBITED – There is no tailgating allowed by spectators in the USA Hockey Arena parking lot.  No grills or alcohol consumption is allowed.  Violators will be subject to open intoxicant fines & penalties.  The lot will be controlled and fans who are grilling or where alcohol is present will be asked to leave and/or law enforcement will take further action.  This has been a serious matter in recent years with litter strewn throughout the lot and open grills and alcohol leading to potential confrontations before and after games.  The arena and the MHSAA will not tolerate such activity and we ask your cooperation in letting fans know about these policies.  Thanks in advance for your help in communicating this to your followers.


If your fans, parents and others might not be able to make it to USA Hockey Arena on Friday night, below is some information on and how they can access live video of the game broadcast for both Semifinals and Finals.

The Website will cover all of the action from the Ice Hockey Semifinals & Finals at USA Hockey Arena this weekend.  The purpose of the email is to make everyone aware of the availability of the live video stream and to help spread the word to those who may be unable to attend the event.  The best way to watch the action is to purchase a Month Pass for $9.95, which will give you access to live streaming and three log-ins, enough to watch all three days of the MHSAA Hockey tournament.  Fans can purchase a Month Pass to watch on the NFHS Network for $9.95, which allows three log-ons. Subscribers will have access to all live video and streaming statistics across the country for 30 days. All content becomes available for free, on-demand viewing 72 hours after being shown live.

Additionally, will have free live audio broadcasts of each game, while you can also follow a live box score from which will be linked online to under the hockey page.