Pioneers News · Gabriel Richard Catholic 2020 Fall Sports Try-Out Information

Starting Monday, August 10th Gabriel Richard Catholic will begin the Fall Sports Season. Try-outs will begin for Football on Monday, August 10th while Volleyball, Dance, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Tennis and Cross Country.

All students looking to participate must fill out a 2020 Health Questionnaire. You can find a downloadable form in the Forms Section.

To help prevent potential exposure of Covid-19, athletes and coaches will practice social distancing of at least six feet apart while all participants must wear a face covering. A lightweight, non-restrictive, face covering is required.

All Try-Outs and Workouts can only be done outside at this time. All Indoor facilities are closed until further notice.

Athletes must bring their own water bottles. Any athlete that does not show up with their own water bottle will not be allowed to participate.

If a student or coach is ill they are not allowed to attend practice. Parents, we need your help on this.

Athletes and coaches will need to do a pre-workout/practice screening prior to participating. This will be done before every athletic practice or training session by the coach running the practice or training session. Each coach will keep a log of participants.

Low and Moderate-risk sports can begin full practices outdoors. High-risk sports can begin modified practices (no contact)

  • Low Risk – Cross Country, Golf, Sideline Cheer, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track & Field and Dance
  • Moderate Risk – Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Girls Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball
  • High Risk – Boys Lacrosse, Football, Competitive Cheer

Examples (including, but not limited to): A basketball player can shoot with a ball(s), but a team should not practice/pass a single ball among the team where multiple players touch the same ball.

Coaches will help train athletes on how practices will be safely run conditioning and workouts.

Athletes and coaches are expected to disinfect areas and equipment following practice.

All Equipment will not be shared during athletic practices and training without being disinfected first.

After every practice athletes should take their clothes home and wash them daily including equipment.

Locker rooms and bathrooms will be unavailable at this time.

Coaches cannot meet with students until the coaches have gone through protocol training. 

We will continue to evaluate these guidelines and adjust as needed to keep our athletes and coaches safe. 

FOOTBALL – August 10th through 14th from 6pm to 9pm. Please contact Coach Michalsen at

DANCE – August 18, 19 and 20th 3:30m to 5:30pm Please contact Coach Jaskula at

VOLLEYBALL – August 12, 13, and 14th 7pm to 9:30pm Please Contact Coach Johnson at

BOYS TENNIS – August 12, 13 and 14th 10am to 12pm at Pulaski Park (Wyandotte). Please contact Coach Rose at

CROSS COUNTRY – August 12, 13 and 14th at Elizabeth Park in Trenton. 10:30am to 12:30am. Please meet at the Concession Stand. Please feel free to contact Coach Madero at

If anyone has any questions, please contact the athletic office at